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Welcome to Paros Island, a land gifted and rich. Its riches are translated into a unique natural environment, its archaeological treasures, its customs and traditions and local goods, but above all it is reflected in the character of its people and their hospitable nature.

Paros lies in the heart of the sun dressed Aegean sea, the second largest and one of the most fertile island in the Cyclades. Paros is an island which is indisputably unique. It has never been fashionable or a famous tourist destination. It is the well kept secret not of tourists but of travelers, people who know how to appreciate its charm.

Many travelers prefer to stay in Parikia which is the island's capital, a beautiful village with sparkling white houses and little streets you can wander around in. Other travelers prefer smaller villages, especially the little fishing village Naousa on the north side of the island.

Paros has many beaches and it is difficult to say which the best is. Kolymbithres beach is ideal for families. Also there is the beach of Lymnes, the beaches of Santa Maria, Xifari, Lageri and, a little further to the south is the beautiful beach of Ampelas.

You can visit all the above beaches easily using car hire Paros. There are many car rental agents are able to serve you at the airport of Paros and in many other car rental stations.

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