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Corfu is the northernmost island of Eptanissa and the second largest after Kefalonia island. Corfu lies in the north Ionian Sea and at the entrance of Adriatic Sea, close to the coast of Epirus.

Corfu, is one of the most beautiful islands not only in Greece but also in the Mediterranean. Its gentle but rich nature, the splendid sandy beaches and its plethora of points of interest, have made it one of the most important and most popular tourism centers of Greece.

During trips like this when every detail counts don’t skimp out on yourself! Go all out and make your beach experience as best as possible! Why settle for riding with a group of strangers on a bus when you can go ahead and get yourself car hire? You can choose what vehicle you want and the prices aren’t even too expensive! There are a variety of cars to choose from, ranging from sedans to mini vans and even convertibles! With car hire you have more control over your time and can comfortably think about travelling around the city as well.

Car hire in Corfu offer nothing but the best for its clients. Flexible rates and quality service can be expected from the moment you set foot in Corfu up until you have your car picked up at the end of your trip. 24-7 road assistance and insurance are also provided in order to ensure that you are well taken care of while you sit back and enjoy the luxurious Corfu!

Car hire in Corfu - in Greece / Corfu

Corfu is a Greek Island that is found in the Ionian Sea and is filled with small satellite islands. A trip to Corfu is always fun especially of you have travelled with your family. Well, you can make it even better when you rent a car in Corfu as it provides your and your family with privacy and convenience as they will be able to talk freely, listen to their music with no interference and enjoy themselves as you tour second largest Ionian Island.

Car rental in Corfu allows you to enjoy your trip without any inference from anyone. You will definitely save up on a lot of time and money and you will no longer have to wait for public transport or cabs. You will also get to maximize your holiday as you tour the Island in a private vehicle. In general, it’s a hop on – hop off trip all the way, which will save you and your family a lot of time and money.

Car hire in Corfu offers you the convenience you need especially if you are planning to tour the whole Island in the least time possible.

General Services

  1. 1 Free airport surcharges
    We can deliver your holiday
    car at all airports on Crete.
  2. 2 24 Hour road assistance
    All our cars have already this
    insurance option.
  3. 3 Lowest price guaranteed
    Due to our experience over
    the years we are able to offer lowest prices.
  4. 4 Personal Insurance
    When you choose us,
    you have nothing to be afraid of.

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Car hire in Corfu offer nothing but the best for its clients. Flexible rates and quality service...

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